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Pet Financing: Top things you need to know before welcoming a Pet in 2022

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Getting a pet can be overwhelming, even if you have previous experience, and for a new owner, their heart must be pounding with excitement. Having a pet will most definitely complete your life, but you must first realize this is a commitment for life, and there are a few things you must know before welcoming your new friend. 

Pets are nighttime zombies

Like it or not, your pets will get random bursts of energy which will make them run around the house in hopes of getting your attention. They do not care if it’s day or night, you are tired after a long day of work or not. Although your pet friend will eventually get suited and change their playtime around your schedule for a few months to even a year, you must be mentally prepared to cater to their tantrums. An excellent solution to escape your buddy’s playtime is to buy pet toys. Try getting automated toys that do not require you to be the ring leader. 

Their small teeth and claws pack a punch

Sure, your pet is just a few weeks old and has a hard time navigating the house, all cute and everything, but their teeth are anything but cute! Both kitten and puppies tend to have razor-sharp teeth, and when young, they love to chew anything they find, including you. Make sure you keep your distance and do not encourage biting, as making this a habit will cause them to bite strangers as well, which might frighten them. Keep some medications on hand for the bruises.

Pet food is not cheap

This may come as a surprise, but essential food for your pet friend may not be cheap. Kittens and puppies, in particular, rely heavily on protein like chicken and beef, and a portion of high-quality pet food is by no means cheap. In addition, you must only feed them with high-quality ready-made food or switch to natural food altogether to avoid health hazards. Whiscus and Royal Canin are the brands we use, but feel free to do your own research. We also recommend you to buy a small pack first to make sure your pet actually likes the flavor as they are selective eaters, especially cats. They are the worst and will only eat what tastes good. ( But I still love my cat )

Understand Vaccination and Castration

Most of us are aware that our pets, too, need to be vaccinated like us. This will eliminate the risk of many diseases, especially rabies and flu, which are deadly in our pets. Many vaccines also prevent diseases from contaminating from animals to humans, so provide proper vaccination before you do anything else. 

Castration is a big word. This simply means neutering or spraying your friend so that they do not have babies. If you have multiple pets and do not mind having 6/10 babies every season, you can skip this part, but for the rest of us, this is an essential step to make sure your pets do not get pregnant, resulting in overpopulation. Many will argue if this is morally right, and I won’t argue with that. Still, medically it is better for them as getting in heat will cause your pets to become aggressive and violent, and without a mating partner, it will hurt them mentally. Consult a vet, but all my pets are neutered, and they are living in harmony with the eldest of my cat, surpassing nine years next month.

Forget personal space

Before getting a pet, sacrifice your personal space and forget about it for the rest of your life. Love it or hate it, your pet will love you unconditionally, and they will want to be with you the whole time. They will follow you almost everywhere and get on your couch whenever they get a chance. They want to love, and this is their way of showing how much you mean to them, so do expect interception of personal space but get a bucket full of love in return. But this can get a bit difficult at night, so they tend to take up a lot of space in bed, so we recommend getting a pet bed for them to sleep separately. You can pick one for around $100. 

Pet Financing for good and bad credit

Now you may likely be feeling that getting a pet can be of great hassle and may even consider ditching the plan altogether; well listen out before making your decision. Having a pet is the single best thing that has happened in my life. Although we mentioned all possible scenarios, it is improbable that your pet will exhibit all the issues discussed in the article. But even if you have to go through all of them, trust me, it’s all worth it because what you get in return is a true friend for life.

But getting a pet is not cheap; as discussed, you have to prepare yourself financially before welcoming your new friend. Most of the expenses are one-time fees like vaccination, getting a pet neutered, or buying new toys, and after that, you just need a couple of bucks for food, and that’s it.

But many of us, especially after the pandemic, are struggling to meet our own needs, let alone financing a pet. Unfortunately, there is nothing called pet loans, but luckily for you, you can finance your pet by opting for a short-term payday loan. These loans do not require a credit check and can be applied online and get approval in under 24 hours. 

The best part of guaranteed payday loans is that you do not even need to pledge any collateral making the loan highly convenient to working-class people. But it is difficult to find a suitable payday lender who will be transparent with you about the fees and regulations. That is why we at offer to connect any potential payday loan seekers with reliable lenders who will be willing to lend them money. So if you need an urgent pet loan or any personal loan for the short term, do visit our website and apply for a free quote today. We hope our tips help and you have a blast with your new best friend.


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